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How much will fitnes play a part ?

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Fulham set about us like a mad dog on Saturday. I expect many wondered if we would survive the pace, and maybe go into half time 2 or 3 down, As it was we didn''t, neither did with fall apart in the second. A game where last season we might have seen yet another 5 against us.. How much of the last quarter of the game''s play was down to Fulham wearing themselves out and City being fit enough to carry on? Was that part of the game plan? Let Fulham wear themselves out against broadswords then use rapiers to penetrate (not perfect analogy) ?There is a very interesting interview here, where the City coaches talk of how they go about getting the fitness levels up. Which are directed to each individual rather than having them all going up and down Mousehold Heath.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbQYSn9KM6E

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