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Bradwell canary

Past recruitment policy, who makes final decisions

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When a new signing is made at our club, what really goes on behind the scenes?

Do the recruitment team (Now departed) make their recommendations to the manager or to , in the past McNally? Who makes the final decision?

It was clear to anyone who enjoys seeing a truly class player like Prichard join us, then even after a wonderful game was then dropped for the next game by AN, wondering why. If he was a true AN signing would have been treated like this , and played so few games?

Who decided to extend the contract of players this season, who should have been shown the door?

It does truly question the whole recruitment policy here, let''s hope that Mr Webber will be the real deal, over the new team manager, and team recruitment in the future.

Guess this time next year we will all be a bit wiser.

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