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Not getting what supporter is.

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The Spectator, not a football magazine, gave the world this sh1t.

"‘I had 20 good years supporting Manchester United but now I

follow Arsenal, and I find the treatment of the magnificent Arsène

Wenger by large sections of my fellow fans mystifying and depressing. I

supported Manchester United because when Rupert Murdoch bought top-tier

English football in the early 1990s and started marketing it

aggressively at the middle classes – who, like me, had previously had no

interest in the sport – United were the only logical choice. They

played pulsating, swaggering football and often scored thrilling wins

from seemingly impossible situations. The young men who made up the

spine of the team had grown up together in a boys’ own story and – most

importantly – they had a manager in Sir Alex Ferguson who was a high

priest of romance.

‘But then he left. And what followed has been very dull. So I

stopped supporting United and started following Arsenal. Chiefly out of

admiration for their dignified and daring French manager’ – Damian

Reilly, The Spectator."

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i always find it interesting how those without a hometown league club affiliate themselves to one.

The Manchester United factor is obvious but you come across people from all over the country and abroad who are fervent supporters of a team they have adopted without any valid reason.

A good friend of mine was born and bred in Witton. His support of Spurs is as fervent as mine is of NCFC.

Many in the Far East (Thai, Singa) who I know would not miss one minute of a televised Liverpool game and even wear the regalia when watching in the bars.

It puzzles me because being born and bred in Norwich and with an ancestry in support of the canaries my support has been clear cut.

Those with a similar background to mine (ie. b & b) who support a team such as Man U. puzzle me even more.

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How many started supporting their club because of one player ? was talking to QPR fan and he started following them because of Stan Bowles, wonder how many Huckerby converts we have?

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I meant Witham (sp) which is 45 miles from White Hart Lane.

Understandable I suppose as his nearest league clubs are Colchester and the mighty ITFC.

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I started to support Norwich as an 8 year old, and no matter where I''ve lived I continue to support them, not a thought of supporting anyone else. 

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