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Trent Canary

Worthy, Try a 4-3-2-1 Formation

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Ive often mentioned how we should give this a go. However it was only at the pub tonight that I realized how this line-up, formation, and strict set of instructions would bring out the true attacking qualities of our team, whilst also keeping our defensive shape. For the midfielders and attackers ive given some tactical notes that I would use. Hell, Im already rambling!


Colin   Shacks    Davenport  Drury

      Hughes   Safri   ANother

          Mcveigh   Hucks


Defence - Stay as you are, I think with that back four we would get back to having a solid defensive unit. We have to get davenport full time!

Midfield - I believe we can get away with three players, and not compromise on our defence. Lets face it with hucks on the left wing we only have three midfielders getting back anyway! With Hughes and Safri we have the energy to get back and stifle attacks. Safri can pass the ball about well, playing a makelele role in front of the defence. Hughes sometimes drifts right a bit, which can give us some width. Im not sure who I would have as the other one, either Brennan, Marney or Jarrett. For now Brennan as he fits on the left hand side, but im not fussed.

Attack - Now heres where I think we are missing a trick. I think it was Northern Canary who pointed out that we took Mcveigh off, and in bringing hucks on it had to be him as Hucks doesnt play up front (And therefore couldnt replace Lisbie) So why not play Mcveigh and hucks behind Deano? Its fair to say that WLY isnt a well built person, he is a player who likes running with the ball, getting at defenders. He did this several times today to good effect. Obviously Hucks does exactly the same. With Ashton further forward by himself it forces him to stay in the box! It bugs me that Deano keeps popping up on the wings. There were one or two times today we hit reading on the break, and really showed our pace. This formation would also do away the need to long ball quite so much, we can break down teams by passing it on the floor!

I hope thats made sense. I really believe we have a squad that should be in the top three. And its plain to see we havent found our ideal lineup, and a system to help gel the players. I really think this would work, I would love them to try it, but I wont hold my breathe!

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