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What a pity

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Norwich kind of did go down that route at that time - well at least tried to but never seemingly fully committed.

Joe Royal was suppose to come in as some kind of advisor and the transfer committee was established - with Ricky Martin in a semi-Sporting Director role as the ''Technical Director'', you might often find Sporting Directors labelled as Technical Directors at some clubs.

Some of the younger players signed I believe was the work of Ricky rather than Neil - I think that is true of Ben Godfrey and Louis Thompson.

In hindsight it seems it was a bit of a mish-mash at the time, potentially without clear roles. When AN came it is was seemingly scrapped, although Ricky still had a role scouting out and bringing in youth players for the academy etc.

It is good to see the club have full embraced the idea this time around, although I guess it wasn''t really possible when McNally was around as a full on Sporting Director would have eaten into part of his role.

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With Neil Adams being loan manager, does this just cover loans out presumably? Just wondering how influential he might''ve been in bringing Gunn back - though I''m guessing it''ll be Webber/Farke dealing with all ins including loans...

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