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Trent Canary

Player Ratings.. Reading

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Well that was emotional. Ill be writing another thread in a bit, discussing whether today was Worthys fault, and if he should go. But for now lets discuss players. Just a note, if anyone disagrees with my ratings, then please take the time to give examples. Someone came on my last ratings and said "We must have been at different games, as my views on some players were totally different". But didnt actually say whom. At least be nice enough to let me know where I have gone wrong! Anyway, Minor whinging aside, here goes

Green - 7 - Good save in the first half, little else to do other than the goal, for which I thought he was faultless. Good command of the box.

Drury - 7 - Solid enough.

Doc - 7 - Again solid, seems to play better without fleming. Good in the air, and tackled well.

Davenport - 7 - Very impressive, marked down as he got out-muscled for the goal, although I wouldnt mind watching the replay.

Colin - 7 - Improving all the time, showed some good pace.

Brennan - 6 - Thought he wasnt as effective again. Didnt add that much, and his form has gone downhill from his first game or two.

Hughes - 7 - He worked hard, won the ball back. Tackled well. Crossing was awful, and mishit a golden opportunity whilst through on goal. Led the team well, you can see him encouraging the team constantly. Infact whilst Ashton was injured I could him hear shouting "****ing get up em lads!" Quite a feat to reach row R of the barclay..

Safri - 7 - Again, another good game, didnt stamp his authority as much in the second half, but is still keeping up his good performances.

Mcveigh - 8 - My Man of the match. Ran at defenders, created things, we look a better team with him.

Lisbie - 5 - Poor, he didnt seem to want to contest 50/50 challenges. An example being in the second half, we crossed the ball, Their defender missed it, and instead of putting his head in to try and beat Hahnemann he pulled back. There were a few other times, he just doesnt look committed, but as a loan player you cant expect too much. Cant understand why Mcveigh stayed on over him.

Ashton - 6 - I read on here a few days back that he isnt 100% fit, and I think they are right. Missed a golden opportunity, and didnt create much else with the ball. Credit to him for being brave and staying on after the collision of heads, he was stumbling around like a drunk on riverside! Awful penalty, but think thats his first miss? So cant complain.


Hucks - 6/7 - Didnt make that much difference, was through one on one with the keeper but for some reason dribbled it out of play! I must watch the replay of that one.

Flem/Hendo - 6 - Not much time to impress.


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Green 6

Colin 6

Drury 7

Davenport 7

Docherty 7

Safri 8

Hughes 7

McVeigh 7

Ashton 5

Lisbie 4

Brennan 6

Huckerby 7

Henderson 5

Fleming- ?- Why is he brought on with 2 minutes to go when we are losing? Yes, I know it was to put Docherty up front, but really? Is that a way forward? If you want crosses into the box for 2 tall men, would Marney not have been a choice?


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Green - 7 - Made a couple of good saves, had no chance for the goal he conceeded, adverage game as always

Drury - 7 - One of his better games this season, caught in no-mans land a few times, maybe could have got an 8, but this let him down

Doc - 8 - Great game again, looked very very good, nothing got past him, he was good in the air, and was given man of the match, and i wouldnt argue against that decision, being moved to the right side at the centre of the defence has worked wonders for him.

Davenport - 7 - Looked good, and a different class of player, did well to win the penalty, also didnt do bad at the back either. At times wasted it when he could have booted it up-field, beaten for the goal, but didnt really do much else wrong

Colin - 7 - Getting better as he goes along, keep up the good work

Brennan - 5 - simply given him a 5 as he was too lazy to track back and tackle to the lead up of the goal, how worthy didnt take him off first i do not know, but not his best game....

Hughes - 7 - A perfect choice for captain, and if he was better infront of goal he would be a peach of a player (niel adams saying)

Safri - 7 - another good performance, and what would we do without him, he is our midfield basically.

Mcveigh - 8 - A great game, why the pie did worthy time him off? i really dont know, didnt deserve to come of at all, played a great game, in with a shout for man of the match. The booing as he went off sums it up for me, next is the tomatoes for worthless.... WLY PAUL MCVEIGH.........

Lisbie - 6 - not a bad game, held the ball up well, didnt look really threatening infront of goal, but looked lively.

Ashton - 6 - Well, concidering his clash of heads, and then collapsing, i really thought it was the end of the game for him, but he proved me wrong.... but that was about all he proved.

Rubbish penalty, always looked like missing, should have been huckerby taking it, when after the clash of heads he wasnt going to be the first choice was he, his concentration would have been next to none


Hucks - 7 - came on to yet again prove a point, and didnt do bad, had one chance, but ran it out of play, should have cut inside.

Flem - 5 - stupid sub, didnt do much

Hendo - 5 - as above, should have been marney surely?


WORTHINGTON - MINUS 10 - crap subs, abbused the fans and publicly shamed them. get lost, go find a new card board box to crawl into

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My ratings for todays match:

Green 6: made a good save in the 1st half from a one-on-one, didnt have much chance with the goal, caught a few rutine crosses, but on the whole didnt have much 2 do

Colin 6: had a pretty easy afternoon of it really, cant really remember him putting in any decent crosses though, but on the whole looked solid and is improving with everymatch

Drury 6: like Colin wasnt really troubled match, he did contribute more to the attack than Colin did, but when he did put in crosses they were of very poor quality

Doherty 8: played very well, looked quite quick(easily keeping up with lita), made one very crunching tackle which i remember. on the whole tackled very well and is finally coming good! a very good performance, IMO man of the match!

Davenport 7: his light-weight frame did cause him some problems today, but on the whole looks like a very good player with lots of potential! very cool and carm. he also has a bit of skill, shown when he won the penalty.

Hughes 6: passed well, and did make some good runs down the right hand side, but an avergae performance really, got stuck in the most out of all the midfielders today

Safri 6: made a few out of character poor passes in dangerous positions, not his best game, but still a class act in this division 

Brennan 5: Very quiet, he has a great left foot why doesnt he use it, use it to put in some good fast crosses. and should of come off 4 hucks, not Mcveigh

McVeigh 7: got himself in some dangerous postions behind deano and lisbie, but unlike some posters i wouldnt say he was MOTM. did link attack and midfield very well tho 

Lisbie 5: poor, cant remember him having a shot on target, his touch was laking a fair bit, stil not quite 100% match fit maybe?

Ashton 5: i dont know how much his head injury affected his performance, but he was very poor. poor touch thought-out the match, played many poor passes to the opposition, poor shooting, and very poor penalty, why blast it? He really isnt looking like a 3million striker at the moment, he is not 25% of the player he was last season, and his confidence will need 2 be drastically improved! 


Huckerby 6: his crossing was poor, but like usual was a danager.

Henderson: a point-less sub though, with the on-loan marney on the bench!

Fleming: touched the ball once i think

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Defence - 8   Looked comfortable and starting to settle as a four.   Reading did not look a threat and a vast improvement on anything else we have seen at FCR this season.  Davenport does not look any better than Shack tho.

Midfield 6  I am perhaps alone in thinking that the diamond did its job today.  The formation gave us control of the centre of the park and Reading were pretty much ineffective. We worked hard, clsoed things down, gave off lots of energy HOWEVER we had no quality on the ball today. with WLY the best of the four at passing but we never gave the forwards a hope as far as service was concerned - an off day for safris passing too.  

Forwards 6. Lisbie was lively with his movement but too far away from Ashton for the latter to be really effective.  The service into the both of them was poor with no clear chances created all game.

Worthy/Subs - 4

The introduction of hux was inevitable but the changes made to get him on so wrong on so many counts.  We were domination midfield with the diamond but creating nothing. The lack of quality on the ball was evident in the passing from Hughes, Brennan and Safri.   SO he takes off WLY, our most lively attacker, sticks hux in the worst place possible, right wing/midfield and reverts to 4-4-2 - the same one that was so ineffective agaist Leeds.  That handed control of midfield to Reading and we looked 2nd best from that moment on.  Hux for Brennan or Lisbie was the call, the latter would have ben my choice.  The Hendo sub is a mystery; if marney is injured dont put him on the bench, dont play hendo right midfield (appalling reaction from the fans, that really boosted his confidence didnt it! - before he stood on the pitch he was booed - not the players fault but his managers)  If you are going to go 4-4-2 bring hux and hendo on a the same time.   Flem for Colin showed we had no creativity in the side and were happy to go long ball when the real problem was the lack of delivery, particularly from midfield - Lisbie, Hughes or safri should have made way for marney in the hope of just one decent cross during 100 mins of football.  Putting Doc up there confused the other two strikers and simply did not work. 

Finally why did Brennan start? He hardly pulled up tress against Northampton and had been dropped against Ipswich, when the midfield of hughes safri and marney did well.  What happened to stiking to a winning side?  An unnecessary tweak for a side that has been unsettled from game to game anyway.



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green-6,one top quality save,apart from that ,quiet.

colin-6 stopped going forward,getting better  slowly

drury-6 solid,quiet game

doc-7 good

davs-7 apart from error with goal,didnt put a foot wrong

brennan-6 poor game

squiz-8 our best player

hughes-7 solid,worked hard

deano-6 head injury didnt help,shocking pen

lisbie-4 totally dis interested in the game

safri-6 average. subs,hux6,hendo5,flem5

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had to laugh at the bit where you state that lisbie pulled out of a challenge with hahneman.. did you see the size of the bloke.. he should be working doors.

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