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Tim Allman

Norwich 1 Coventry 1 - remember this ???

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This is a report I wrote for the home match against Coventry in the season we won the champiship - not for the game a couple of months ago. If you don''t want to read it all - just look at the last paragraph. The game featured the usual bizarre changes and poor reading of a game. It''s obvious NW has not learned a thing in the last couple of years. I''m sure we can all recall some games where we have wondered "why the **** did he do that". Well this is one of them.  Comments appreciated - anyway here is the report, I''ve added the brackets !



The wind, driving rain and slippery pitch contributed to the worst home performance of the season. Norwich played well in patches in the first half, but the flowing passing of the games against Walsall and Millwall had deserted them. Huckerby was very subdued – a couple of jinking runs, but looked, in all honesty, like a player whose loan period was about to come to an end. (whoops!) Crouch tried hard, and was well shackled by Davenport (!!) early on but managed to head the ball across for Henderson to score from close range after half an hour. Coventry’s tactics in the first half seemed to be to lob long balls to one of their tall forwards who positioned himself next to our smallest defender Edworthy. It did not work as Green only had one save to make.


The second half started in controversial fashion as the ref gave Coventry a penalty after one their players smacked the ball against Flemings hand from a yard away. No one appealed, but the man in black pointed to the spot and McAllister sent Green the wrong way.


More bookings followed including a second yellow for Mackay after 75 minutes, the unfortunate victim of the card happy ref, whose decisions left both sets of fans bemused.


Norwich could and should have lost the game in the last ten minutes, but Coventry squandered a number of excell

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two years on henderson is still the same player cant pass or tackle , yesterday first time he came into the fray he was ten yards in front of his marker recieved the ball facing the opposing goal second later by the time he had got it under control hre was closed down and looses possesion . there after, no one was prepared to pass to him for fear of his inability to hold on to the ball .its about time we shipped the lad out maybe worthy who i have defended in the past will go with him OTBC

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