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New words for ACN from me....

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Sorry, I do need someone to help me out with the linky as I''m on a PC without Firefox or Chrome. But here''s my latest article for Along Come Norwich....

And if someone knows how to do the linky on IE I would kiss their face (maybe)


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Yes that is about it.

I watched Chelsea last night and they had two midielders who sat back, Kante and Fabregas. Neither is a clogger like Tettey. They are clever, skillful players who know where to stand in front of the opposition and can tackle if they have to.

Tettey, I believe is the biggest liability in the team. He is there to protect yet we have one of the worst goals against in the division.

He can''t pass so I don''t really know why he keeps getting picked. I know AN says he sees him as a CB but in Thompson''s enforced absence, I''m sure Godfrey could do no worse.

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