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letter to Worthy

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Please leave this club NOW and allow us the time to pick up all the broken pieces and try to salvage something left of the season.  The board may say that they back you all the way, but even they must see that things are not quite ticking right, and as soon as the gates start to drop, TA TA!

I realise that you DONT care what us fans think, but many of us do have some valid points, and it is only a very silly, stubborn, egotistic, biggoted and arragant person that will not take them on board!

What is it with you and some players?  There are other ways of publically humiliating people than to play them out of position.  Is this something that Howard Wilkinson taught you?  The importance to keep a united front and not slag them down in public that you need to mess up our results by playing them where they cant perform.

Why blame lack of funds when you have spent more than five previous managers combined?

And finally, us fans who pay good money to watch games and buy merchandise deserve better.  Our return for money in any other area would normally result in an investigation from Nicky Campbell and his watchdog team!


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