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How do we measure up?

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After 10 games, predominantly at home, how have we compared with teams at the top and with teams at the bottom? Our league place seems a fair representation.

Yesterday, we played at home a Reading team short of Sidwell and Kitson. We lost by one goal, whereas this was a good opporunity to beat them. We played Leeds and did not seem much inferior, except in one respect, - scoring goals.

At the beginning of the season we reckoned we had the best striking force in the championship, but game after game we are creating chances and not scoring, and it''s not just the strikers - the midfield have been missing goals as well.

Now the manager has finally seen the light over the defence, we are certainly tighter at the back. Many of us have been concerned about the midfield, - lacking in creativity and being too narrow in the diamond, but things have been improved with McV making things happen (- why on earth was he fetched off yesterday?)

But to score only 8 times in 10 games, only 5 in 6 at home, is not good enough to achieve our ambitions. I am sure that greater confidence would turn chances into goals. But this will take time, and we are already three wins off a play-off place. Time is not on our side.

What can the Manager do?
- find an on-loan striker
- get Ashton fully fit
- give the youngsters more of a chance
- give McVeigh a run as a striker
- give some training time to shooting, including dead ball.

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whats can the manager do?

pack his bags will be the best option......

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