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non-scoring strikers

Would anyone else like...

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...our board to put in some thorough research and actually scour Europe this time for a truly intelligent, progressive football brain?

I''m sure the usual suspects on the managerial merry-go-round each have their merits but none seem to have longevity in terms of building from the youth upwards, which seems to be a prerequisite for a manager here. essentially there''s more than a stale whiff of repetition with the bookie''s front-runners and I''m not sure we need another tradesman like Hughton.

I''m well aware that building a dynasty in modern football is pretty much a fallacy, particularly for clubs the size of ours, and, to state the obvious, I would only be happy for a long-term appointment if he was consistently successful.

I like what Hull have done, Silva is a really interesting appointment and Bradley at Swansea was an eye-opener even if it was proved to be a step too soon for him. He should''ve opened his career in England in the Championship as his success in 2nd tier leagues across the world is pretty good, so I would''ve liked to have seen us get him in before Swansea gave him the chance.

I guess the point of this is to say I hope we don''t end up repeatedly shooting ourselves in the foot and things get toxic again in a couple of years because our board aren''t proactive enough to make the correct decisions when necessary.

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