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New Structure or old ideas?

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A "new structure" has been mentioned - well to have any effect it will have to include people in the know (about our players and the issues we''ve had for four years now)  to have any real effect - so for me that means people at the club already, so this new structure could be a "footballing board" the like of Gunn''s and Adams'' "structure".  With no new CEO in place, the board has the freedom to pursue what they have tried before - and something that hasn''t worked twice now. Don''t get me wrong, I quite like the idea, but it concerns me that it hasn''t worked before - so unless the new structure includes someone of real experience and knowledge, it could end up the same way as the previous two attempts.  That makes me think that someone like Hodgson is going to come in and oversee things.  We''ll see I suppose, but whatever the structure is, I hope it is strong enough to withstand the rough times and see it through to something better.  The danger is that nothing much will really change because there won''t be enough money to replace any players that leave with as good or better - and the new structure will simply prolong the issues that have plagued us for several seasons - players underperforming, whoever the manager is.

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