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Mello Yello

Roll on Tuesday!

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Well yesterday, I felt like I''d lost a tenner and found 10p....

I was as frustrated as many others after the match, ''but hey!'' another game on Tuesday!

I''ve listened to the Goreham interview, and I think that the manager''s "fan''s comment" was nothing to get annoyed about. He was stating a fact, and I personally wasn''t offended by it. He doesn''t have the charisma of Sam Allardyce, or the dry wit of Gordon Strachan, and I also think he isn''t comfortable in front of TV cameras and doesn''t enjoy talking to the media. Who does? Worthy had a ''pop'' at the fans once before, and then apologised for his comments. I think that he is fortunate that the fan base at this club are on the whole, a tolerant group of folk compared to other clubs supporter''s (Wolves).....etc.

Worthington is obviously feeling the pressure, and realises that his future at this club is under scrutiny. I''m sure the board are currently assessing the present situation, and certainly aren''t turning a blind eye to the proceedings. Therefore, I hope that if anything is to change within the club, it occurs sooner rather than later. Anyway, another game on Tuesday night, I can''t wait, let''s get behind the team, and whatever happens it will certainly give us something to talk about! ON THE FALL CITY!

Whoop''s there''s a negative...;~)   

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