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Robert Fleck is still GOD!

BYE BYE WORTHY!! Lets appoint a new manager!

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Well I have kept quiet on this subject after being criticised in the summer and everyone said give Worthy 10 games etc! Well we are 10 games in and who still wants him especially after his post match comments?

I for one would like to see Ian Holloway he would be strict but fair and he would install the confidence back in the team and get them working as a team!

Plus his post match interviews would be hilarious!

Seriously as you all know I never wanted Worthy to be manager in the first place but how can he be defended to keep his postition after the start weve had to the season and now those comments?

I think personally we need a top coach and a top manager!

People who are currently available are

John Greqory no!

Peter Reid?

Jim Smith? Possibility

Any Ideas?

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