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happy with the performance

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re the interview with worthy on the home page, starting off with his summary of our chances

"Unfortunately we didn''t take them and that has been the story of our season up to now. I am disappointed with the result but I am very pleased with the performance. Over the course of the 90 minutes I thought it was very good. On a good day we would have stuck away a couple of the chances we created but unfortunately it was not to be."

Well, if he was happy with that then that''s okay then.  Fine, everything in the cosy colney camp is rosy and no one is concerned! 

The story of our season up to now!  Where you are stoke and watford mr worthington?  So you were happy with those "performances?  Oh that''s alright then

So, on a good day we would have stuck a couple away, so when was our last good day?  It now seems one hell of  a long time ago to me. 

"We have good players here, a good work ethic and we''ll keep doing what we have been doing for the past five years," he said. "You have got to keep believing. The performance level is good. The energy of the players is good. The spirit among the players is good. It''s a very fine line and at the moment we are just the wrong side of it. We''ll keep doing what we have been doing and hopefully we will win games rather than drawing and losing them.

Yes, we do have good players here, but you don''t use them effectively, constantly playing them out of position and if they aren''t having such a good spell you continue with them to the detriment of others more capable.  I am glad the energy is good, so it should be with all that training they have to do.  Mr Worthington is obviously a master psychologist if he thinks the players'' spirtis are high.  Really?  They are all beginning to look mighty p****ed off to me (shades of bryan hamilton in fact).  So, we''ll keep doing what we''re doing and we''ll win rather than draw or lose.  AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH

I have had it with this man, truly i have.  I can''t remember when i first questioned this man''s grip on reality, but today, reading this piece i think mine has gone too. 

"We have another game on Tuesday and that provides a good opportunity to get the ball rolling again. The one thing I would ask for is for everyone to be patient and get behind the players. You can all be managers and coaches but we are in place to do a certain job and our decisions are the ones that count."

This just sums it up for me, yes, you are in charge and sadly you are happy with it all.  I for one, am not, i am sorry for those who are, and there are many, but i can''t take much more of worthy''s "everything in the garden is rosy" claptrap any longer.  So your decisions count do they mr worthington.  Well great.  Make one final decision and buy a nice villa in spain and leave OUR club in charge of someone who can motivate, coach and get the best out of a group of totally mis-managed and soul destroyed players before it''s too late.

Just go now

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Spot on Gazza.

It''s not just the avoidable slide into mediocrity but the complete denial that anything is going wrong.   As I''ve said before, the way things are going the team talk will soon consist of the issuing of ruby slippers and instructions to think happy thoughts.

I could live with the present problems; these things happen to any team after all - ask Wenger but only if I could see that it was recognised and being addressed but instead we have this parallel universe where it is alweays sunny, birds sing and only the most fiendish bad luck leads us not to easily win all our games.

Is Nigel Worthington a figment of my imagination or am I a figment of his?






































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If that''s Worthy''s view of the game we are in big big trouble.

Maybe I was too busy sleeping, but we created precious little- a Hughes through run, one from Lisbie, one slow loopy header from Deano and a shot from a tight angle from Colin. WLY had a pop from outside the box before he was deemed surplus to requirements. The penalty was a ludicrous one for them to give away, as Davenport was standing with the ball with nowhere to go.

Passing was better, but its easy to pass round the back and then hoof it up hopefully which seemed to be our only tactic the players were visibly adopting.

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