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OT (a bit), TV coverage and revenues

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Just looking at tonights footie offerings on Sky and BT Sports, on Sky you''ve got Leeds v Brighton (Leeds 1 up as I write) and on BT you''ve got Ballmouth v Swans. I would be interested to see the viewing figures for these games, I bet (obviously taking Sky''s monopoly until recently into consideration) the Leeds game is being watched by a far greater audience than the Ballmouth game.

I probably know the answer to this, but is the Prem given far too much attention in terms of TV coverage and obviously money, when at this stage of the season some of the Championship games are superb.

If the Champs had more coverage not only home but abroad I really feel that there would be a far bigger demand to watch games live on TV. This could also help level out the playing field in terms of club revenues and make both leagues even more exciting. Does this point to the need of a Prem league 2 or should it remain as is?

Anyway, ramble over, what do you guys think?

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