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Fit for Premier

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As a "plastic" thousands of miles away, do the regular supporters attending matches feel our squad would be good enough to compete if we were fortunate enough to be promoted?. It seems from reading the threads that very few of the players are Premier quality and therefore it would take a major recruitment in the Summer, which obviously also means big investment.

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I guess the answer revolves around what you class as "compete"

if it is to finish comfortably in the top end of the table the short answer is no.

I think the problem is that the Prem would suit some players better i.e Klose due to not having such a packed Schedule. But not others due to the style of game

GK - Ruddy would do OK

Def - I think Dijks would sign if we were prem and he''d do well, Ivo I think may struggle a bit but I''d happily be proved wrong. No other defenders would really be Prem Quality.

Mids, Howson would be fine, the rest i''d say its either too soon (Murphy''s/Pritchard) or they''d struggle, some due to age, some due to mentality and some due to skill levels.

Forwards - Nelson would make a good back up, Cam has proven he isn''t a prolific Prem player but if he has the right players behind him who knows.

If we get promoted this season via the playoffs, i can''t see a big recruitment drive so it''d be mainly the same players and we''d either need to do the over performing underdog routine or find a manager who can drill in new ways to out perform the other teams. If this team got promoted now i think we''d get the odd "feel good" win, but ultimately end up in a relegation scrap

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