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"Derby win would right some wrongs."

Town boss Mick McCarthy believes a Blues win against their greatest rivals Norwich City at Carrow Road on Sunday would right some wrongs after what’s been a disappointing season for fans up to now.

Thus spake old wonky nose.

They as usual are very obsessed about their big city rivals.

See you there Morty.

What pub?

Let''s hammer them as usual.

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I remember he said something like this two years ago and has brought it up again.

"If you come to both clubs you get well received, it''s a nice place to come to, except for when Norwich and Ipswich play each other," said McCarthy.

"They hate each other, and I''ve been surprised at that."

I think we can forget about them trying to come here and play on the front foot anyway

A point at Norwich is certainly a good point, said McCarthy. "I''m not bothered if you''re a supporter, a pundit, a journalist, a team that''s spent that amount of money and the squad that they''ve got.

"I''m not bothered what anybody else says - if we get a point there I''ll be happy with it."

It could play into our hands though this time as they don''t have a Daryll Murphy type striker as an outball.

Worth noting is that their away form is as bad as ours. It would be a disaster if we lose tomorrow but this should be in the same category as the Wolves game a few weeks ago. We really should win this but for some reason I''m just not confident we will.

I''m guessing 1-1. They score from a corner early and we equalise in the second half but don''t do quite enough to get the second goal.

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