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Barking Mad Barclay Boy

Sheffield away pubs?

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The northern canaries have organised a meet up with the Board before the match at The Walkley Cottage; last match they did this there were about 200 of us in there. However if you are on cabbage, that''s a bit far to walk (and all uphill as well).

There aren''t really any pubs worthy of the name near the ground unfortunately, as they are all homers and have a strict door policy.

Away fans usually go to pubs a few tram stops away - Hillsborough Hotel (which despite its name is actually 3 miles from the Ground), the Kelham Island area where there is a group of half dozen great real ale pubs. You might also get in a pub in the Hillsborough Corner area. But again I think you''ll be struggling to get there and back if you are on Cabbage.

You might have to settle for beers in the Leppings Lane stand - if they decide to open up the bars.

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