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Not Alex Neil's fault

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This situation we now find ourselves in is now not Alex Neil''s fault the blame is now fully on the board they have done the same old thing that they always do and that''s stick there heads in the sand until it''s all to late. We are now sitting at the start of the January transfer window with a manager who in my opinion is clueless when under pressure has now lost 8 in 10 games and is on repeat when interviewed we should of acted on this back at the start of December to give ourselves any chance at all.

The only way we might get out of this mess anytime soon is for the board to grow a pair and employ Alan Pardew but that''s unlikely to happen

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Not AN''s fault??????

Who after almost 2 years here still has no idea as to what formation is best to win games

The same man who authorised the purchase of 20 million pounds of bench warmers.

The same man who has no Plan A let alone Plan B

He should go as well as the BOD

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