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For the Love of the Club and Fans, Act Now

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For what ever reason, the Club has to put fans above Alex Neil and sack him now, not after one more game and defiantly not after the transfer window.Things seem different now from when we got relegated to league 1 under Gunn. There''s a huge resentment towards to board on how the club is being run, fans a being left out and our voices not heard. The club feels like a ''Poor Business'' unable to make a profit and striving to survive, yearning for someone to save it yet again. Yes, it is also time for a big investor with fresh ideas.If Delia loves the Club and us fans, why oh why is she digging this hole and holding out. More damage it done by not giving a new manager a chance to save us or has she lost her marbles?

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If she sacked him when she should have (in summer for me ) or even a few games ago she would not have brought her families control of the club into the limelight as much

so not only is she causing pain to the fans for ruining this season but also she is putting her family in the firing line most people would accept Tom if the smith''s ran the club right

why would someone do that ?

now we are left questioning everything about the club CEO /TOM even the scampi !!

could all been avoided if she had acted sooner

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