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Would be nice getting something unique (in the UK) going.

You know it''s Norwich City from the sound of the Barclay

Together with the Snakepit making all of the noise

Here once again and there''s one thing I''m sure of

My blood runs green and yellow and I''ll come here till the day I die

So take me (eeee) where ever you go

League 1 or Premierrrrrr, I will folloooow.

So take meeeeeeeeeeee

All over the country, by bus, train or car

Pride of East Anglia we know what we are

Managers, players, coaches will depart

But Norwich City you will stay in my hearttttttt

See it in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RgXnSkqTdo

Yes I''m aware we will never reach those levels ha!!

Original tune


Now awaiting everyone to tell me how **** it is! :)

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New song Howard Jones 1983

I''ve been waiting for so long

For a Norwich City song

Now you''ve posted one on here

Just for city 1st to snear

This is a song we all could sing

If someone did a clicky thing

Before LDC and big Morty

Make this thread all me me me !

Don''t give up, make your stance

Start your thread ,

But it doesn''t stand a chance ooh ooh ooh

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New song Robbie Williams - Angels

We sit and wait

Does Delia contemplate our fate...

And does she know

The places where we go

When we''re in League 1 or below...

''Cause I have been told

That we''ll forever go unsold...

So when i''m lying in my bed

Just staring at my shed

And I feel Carrow Road is dead....

du du du du....

I''ll support Gorleston insteaddddddd.....

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Was thinking about one for Wessi, that can be sung long after he has gone, to "All about the bass"

Because you know were all about that Wes,

''Bout that Wes no trouble

We are all ''bout that Wes, ''bout that Wes, no trouble

Ie are ''bout that Wes, ''bout that Wes, no trouble

We are ''bout that Wes, ''bout that Wes

Yeah it''s pretty clear, he ain''t no 6 foot 2

But he can make it, make it like no one supposed to do

''Cause he got that boom boom that all the teams chase

All the right skill in all the right places

We see the teams trying to stop

We know that shit is real

Come on now, Wes is still top

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#"We all follow a yellow submarine.....a Delia depth charged submarine.......a sinking submarine. We all follow a yellow submarine.......a Delia depth charged submarine......a sinking submarine"#........

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