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Big Vince

Alex Neil Has Been Framed

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Let''s face it Alex Neil has been set up to fail by the Board.

After promotion to the EPL what backing did he get in the transfer market? They spent about 6 weeks chasing Brady with a ridiculous starting bid of £2 million. They then proceeded to sign Dorrans permanently, Mulumbu on a free and Jarvis, Wisdom and Mbokani on loans. Meanwhile, Watford were carrying out a proper overhaul that was fit for the EPL - particularly in defence. In contrast, Norwich were relying on the same defenders who got relegated the year before (Wisdom excepted). How can anyone say that this was not setting the boy up to fail? If a group of defenders have got you relegated once how do you expect the same group to keep you up given a second chance?

Fast forward one year and it is the fans and the Board who are in cahoots to make the boy fail. All during the summer there was a relentless clamour for a striker and no one was paying any attention to the gaping holes at the back. Not a single player was signed in the back four, so adding the two summer windows together Wisdom on loan was the only addition to the back four, although Klose arrived belatedly in January to a chorus of too little too late. Now some of you may be saying the boy could have spent money on the defence instead if he so wished. But then you have to factor in the fans getting the club they deserve because the clappy happer faction of supporters don''t like defenders - they think that a winning team can be built on 2-2-5-1. Now the Board being the Board tend to lean towards the clappy happer version of conventional football wisdom (ie, stupidity) and so it is not possible for the manager to have a defence even if he wanted to. So the boy had to make do with signing up Whittaker for another year.

And so we are where we are with a broken squad and bitter recriminations all round. It all comes back to the L-word again. Leadership. Where are the leaders on the Board to guide and advise the young manager with pearls of wisdom? They are nowhere to be seen or heard. They are too busy wallowing in their comfort zone that was created in the first place by McNasty and Lambert. No more beastly Axas or HBOSs to worry about. All directoral loans repaid. No internal or external boatrockers. Their position is supreme and impregnable.

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