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We were in a false position...

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Last Saturday may prove to be a nadir, - we must hope so.

Has there really been any real change during the season? We enjoyed a a series of wins which were achieved against clubs at the foot of the table and we had the delusion that we were at last showing our real ability.

We were, but only occasionally. Now we have played one or two against teams in the upper reaches, and we don''t look so outstanding! Worse, managers seem to have now sussed us and know how to beat us.

We scored a lot of goals admittedly, but always conceded plenty, and in some of the wins we were hardly outstanding and owed much to luck.

You would hope that after so many games we would be showing consistency and quality, but it is difficult to see any real improvement in ability, commitment and concentration.

If AN is to remain manager for much longer, he and his colleagues have a massive task - to pick our best team which knows what is wanted and where individuals will not switch off or give in.

I like the man, but things are not working ou at the moment!

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