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N = Naive, C = Clueless, F = Fuc--ng, C = Clowns

A club in free fall, with;

Owners who don''t consider new investment, and run the club as a family run business, with no ambition or wish to expand. Little Norwich.

A chairman, who dances around, switching on lights.

A chief executive, who''s only claim to fame, is helping Wolves find new investment, that talent won''t be needed.

A manager, who may one day be a good manager, but as of now, shows he has lost the backing of the senior players, has only one tactic, can''t change a game, has made poor investments in the squad.

This reminds me in so many ways of the Chase era, apart from the player investment.

Time for change from the top down, new manager, get us up and sell us, should be the plan for the remainder of the season.

Go after Sam Allardyce.

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