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King Klose

Nothing new just a few thoughts to get off my chest....

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I''m amazed but at the same time completely not surprised that Alex Neil is still in the job.

In 9/10 in this situation at other clubs, he would have gone by now. But as we know with our board, it doesn''t always go as expected.

In the past, I am usually one of the last people to be backing a manager, and will back a manager to the last moments, but I''ve been against AN since the Fulham game.

I''m a ST holder and try and get to the odd away game, and I believe anyone who sees even a handful of our games can see the humongous problems we have. Yes, we can go into the deeper rooted problems etc with the board, but from just a playing perspective, it seems absolutely crystal clear to me that AN is no longer the way forward.

I just can''t see the argument for "give him time to turn it around". He has had SO much time to do so, when you think how long we have been poor, going back to around last Christmas.

I''m sorry this is all so repetitive. But I just don''t get it. I don''t know if it has something to do with the AGM that they''re putting it off, but to me that would make them sack him sooner to avoid the questions and comments re AN''s future.

I thank him for what he has achieved but I (and many others) have watched football for long enough to know and recognise all the signs of a man who has lost the plot and doesn''t know a way back.

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