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We worked our socks off!

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Clearly Alex needs to sit higher up in the stands and watch what I did for ninety mins then.

The complete lack of movement off the ball at Derby whether in possession or not was just apalling and as always with time got worse.

Hools for me showed how little the rest were doing even Jerome he was forever chasing down players and getting into space.

That is why the match lacked any kind of intensity no urgency especially when we went behind, it felt more like a friendly or training match than a competitive encounter.

AN really has lost the plot if he thinks all the squad gave everything and to say so to the media is a joke. With exceptions of Hools and Mulumbu maybe Pritchard I doubt they managed a sweat or got out of breadth. These are meant to be fit players I would love fans to watch their positions on the pitch and how rarely they moved with any purpose or pace.

Pathetic, hang your head in shame AN , that is why this guy has to go.

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