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Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB

So, one win in seven

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So did Alex Neil get his tactics wrong yet again, or are we just nit as good as we think we are?. On the back of a 5-0 we get a defeat at team who have not won at home since August and who have not beaten us at their place for 16 years!!. My opinion remains that Alex Neil has reached his plateau in his development as a manager and he is not the man to get us promoted......

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Well he admitted himself that he got it wrong.

I find it strange that he''s played Brady left wing whenever Olsson is unavailable as Olsson is clearly the best left back we have but today he picks Josh Murphy to start left wing and continues to keep Brady at left back. Who I think has had 1 decent game at left back in his while Norwich career against an awfull Brentford side.

Time Bassong & Bennett were dropped, add some steel in the middle either Mulumbu or Thompson next to Howson. And either Brady or Naismith on the left.

My side vs Villa would be:


Pinto Martin Klose Olsson

Ja.Murphy Mulumbu Howson Brady



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My side vs Villa would be managed by someone not s**t. Which unfortunately puts Neil s**t out of luck.

Fortunately for him it is not my decision but is decided by people who like to moan about football fans being ripped off whilst charging £25 for an unglamorous FA Cup tie.

The reasons and justification for renewing my season ticket for an 18th consecutive season are getting troubling scarce. If they up the prices they can f**k off faster than Bassong when there is defending to do.

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