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The Squad

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Before the season began, I was one of a number of people who felt that the squad with which we would go into the new season was both too small and too low in quality. We believed that money was too tight.

I was certainly concerned that with injuries, Ramadan, African Nations Cup, etc. we would have a struggle in the midfield. Yesterday was a case in point. The midfield contained two left backs! They lacked the skill to make the diamond work, and even when reinforced by a striker (Hux) while they were more effective they were still playing against a team in the relegation zone!

There are rumours of interest in strikers, Trundle, Eastwood, etc., and we are certainly short in that area if the Manager doesn''t accept Hendo as a striker and seems to have little faith in Jarvis. But the early assessment of lack of number and quality in the midfield is being born out. When January comes, we need at least two more midfielders, one who is willing and able to play wide right, and one who can pass consistently from the centre, the latter especially if Safri goes to Holland!

At our worst the "hoof it up the field" approach becomes evident, and part of the reason must be the lack of an effective midfield. They are at times invisible and ineffective, so any defender feels the need just to put the ball as far away as possible!

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