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King Klose

Gary Rowett💛💚

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Or stick with a manager who has had a shocking 12 months, and the more players he signs - the worse the squad gets.

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He''s a Villa fan btw, he''s been doing a good job with the club he probably dislikes the most!

He won''t be our next manager though. He''ll be snapped up before AN leaves. The board have gotten too close to AN personally again, just like with Worthington and feel responsible in looking after him.

AN won''t quit because admitting he''s not up to it will put the breaks on his career massively and the board, with the chip on their shoulders over modern football seem to not mind damaging the future of the club as some kind of protest to being priced out of football ownership (At the top level and now the top of this league at least)

Rowett would be a superb fit for us but the timing''s just wrong while our board goes through this pig headed ''phase''

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