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"Possession was 60 odd percent against first half but 60 odd percent for second half all because of my substitution".

No you fucking cretin. We were dominated first half by virtue of us being so shit. We had more of the ball second half because Huddersfield were happy to sit on a one goal lead and absorb pressure.

No doubt the happy clappers will say "but if Oliviera had finished his chance or Bassong had finished one of his free headers we wouldn''t have lost". Bollocks. Basically what that says is that a team that offers up one on ones and a team who cannot defend set plays were able to come to us and urinate all over us for 45 minutes before taking a nap for the next 45 and still go home with 3 points.

For the squad we have in the league we are with the money we have spent and the wages we are paying, no manager in the last 15 years has underachieved more than Neil currently is. Not even Roeder, Adams or Gunn.

Get. Fu*king. Rid.

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His stubbornness and refusal to accept criticism when it is fully merited is really really annoying.

Aside from the fact it wasn''t simply down to his substitution that we then had more possession, it doesn''t excuse taking Oliveira off and if he could see the answer, why didn''t he change it before half time! It took 45 mins to work out the problem?!

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