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Mister Gee-Bee

David Lee wants you to play with him

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The famous David Lee of Hong Kong Footy fame, is over for his famous two week October holiday in the famous East Anglian Capital City. As usual he is having his traditional five-a-six-a-seven-a-however-many-turn-up-a-side game of footy today. You are all cordially invited to turn up to either play or watch.

It''s at the UEA SportsPark outdoor courts at 3pm-4pm (court A) this afternoon.
Depending on how many people play, it will cost something between £1-£2 each (the court is £16 for the hour). 50p to gain access through the reception (unless you are a student with a card).

If you have them could you bring both home and away City kits to make it easy to swap the teams about to balance the play. Spare footballs would be handy too, as we''re likely to need to employ ballboys in the car park.

Thank you for your support of this famous Hong Kong legend.

Oh mine.

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A BIG thankyou to all those that came along to play or support David''s multi-a-side game of footy today.

11-and-8-a-side to be technically correct (though two on the bigger side were kids, so effectively it was 9 vs 8).

My missus reckons it was about 8-4 to the Home shirts (the 11), but I''d like a second opinion on that (having played for the Away shirts).

Thanks to everyone for chipping in to the costs, which made a nice change from last year where no-one paid anything! And we got a full ninety minutes out of them too...until we got told off!

Man of the Match for the Aways has to be Super Super Nev for his tremendous athleticism and enthusiasm, and for the Homes has to be Pete ''Pistol'' PinkUn who fired in a corker into the top corner past me, and then embarrassed Nev in goal - but probably spent more time on his backside!

Goal of the game should probably be Chris''s (Meeky''s missus'' son) outside-of-the-boot screamer from distance for the Homes.

Congratulations Dave for not scoring an own goal this year!

Thanks to those who brought mates and family with them, as it really helped bolster the numbers - that''s definetely the biggest gathering for a team photo at the end that we''ve had so far!

And thanks to the (many) people who kicked the ball back into the court from the carpark, but a big boo to the few who blanked us and walked past.

Hope all your aches and pains in the morning aren''t too severe - someone check that Nev''s post isn''t hanging out of his letterbox and his milk uncollected!

Glad you enjoyed yourself, and looking forward to seeing you again next year.


aka the one with the Away shirt that had 14 Ginge on the back.

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