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Mello Yello

Colney! "The Truth is not out there!"

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Now, I''m not one for starting a rumour, but apparently strange and uncanny things have been sighted over and around Colney training ground.......

Over the past few days, strange lights in the sky have suddenly appeared overhead, and fans'' aren''t allowed in anymore, as the open door policy once adopted by the club, is now well and truly.............. slammed shut!

Stewards armed with electric cattle prods, large thermos flasks and suitcase sized tupperware lunch boxes, patrol the perimeter with extreme vigilance and determination (whilst stuffin'' their faces with coffee and sarnies) ever alert- and energetically prodding each other to keep themselves awake (and it''s also a good old larf) in a constant attempt to keep out the media and the downright curious!

Why is this you may well ask?

Well, people are wondering where Leon, Shackell, Thorne and "the others" have been?

I was sworn to secrecy, but.......they were abducted by "Alien Beings!"  who are definitely not of this WORLD! (or from Norfolk anyway) and the players'' have only just been returned after going through a multitude of examinations by these ''extra terrestrial''s''. So, all this injury scam that was generated by NCFC- just wasn''t TRUE! Don''t believe me!? That ''Colney training ground white-ish indoor bubbly building type thingy'' is actually a "Mother Ship" spacecraft! The Colney canteen, is really a ''permanently occupied by portly and unfit individuals scientific lab'' (and Deano has been solitarily confined inside, with only Galactic Pie''s as company) ''the poor young soul!''

I haven''t been able to access the other buildings at Colney, but they all have sinister purposes I''m sure of that, but it''s a bit of a "Grey" area at this moment in time....

So, when "the Missing" return to full training, just look for the tell- tail signs of alien abduction, which are: thickening of the waistline, lethargy- coupled with restricted and limited mobility, mumbling incoherently, no awareness or coordination, and excessive perspiration and bulging of eye''s- whilst attempting to put their boots on! 

So there you have it! It''s all true y''know, because a workman has just removed the NCFC signs on the entrance gates to Colney, and replaced them with "AREA 51% Broom Lake" When I asked the significance of the "51%" the geezer said " Well, the manager says that''s all the squad have to give, when they either train or play!"


"The things you can find time to do on a quiet, mundane & boring Sunday afternoon!"

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if you can keep this level of humour up mello you must book every sunday afternoon as time to keep all our spirits up

btw, does munby know about you?  Maybe you could go in and give the team a prematch talk to chill them out before taking to the pitch.....

the question has to be asked, has worthy been taken by the beings from another world, and has he had the "passing" gene implanted into him

and when do they return fleming? 

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