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Forest fans comments on us

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Just a few quotes pulled off their forum.
"How good was Hoolahan? Was unbelievable second half. "
"Best side we''ve played so far. They''ll be top two or thereabouts come the end of the season."
"[Hoolahan] Ran the game for them, and it was the slight tactical changes Naaarch made (moving Hoolahan and getting their #8 to sit a bit deeper denying Hilderberto the space he''d enjoyed in the first half) which won it for them. "
"Norwich came out all guns blazing in the second half. We never really gripped the game and they outclassed us. We didn''t play badly but we lacked the same self belief we exhibited in the first 45 minutes. "
"If there was a prize for cynical gamesmanship, they''d have won it."
"Not only do they have quality all over the pitch, they were well organised and very hard working. Top two."
"They got their nose in front and used their experience to control the pace of the game and stop us having another barn storming finish, a cut above the others we have done it to. We can learn from this result, we are still a team that requires a bit of polish."
"I doubt they will be top 2 but they are pretty solid all over the pitch."
"Glad we didn''t get thrashed, they dominated us and deserved their win. They are a much better side than us and are going for promotion and we are a midtable side."
"Thought they were bang average, better than us but no great shakes at all."
"As many have said, beaten by a better side who have a strong Prem core and will be favourites for promotion this season. They just knew how to take the sting out of us"
"Really impressed with us first half. Norwich showed what a quality side they are 2nd. More nouse, better cutting edge, more fluid."
"We were outplayed and outclassed by a team who will without doubt be challenging auto promotion."
"I''ll take the odd reverse against a Naaarch side who''ve been established for the best part of three years as they will surely be top two come the end of the season."
"I thought Naarch showed us what we should be aiming for though. By no means a showy performance from them but they were very effective at shutting the game down once they went ahead. I thought Hoolahan and Dorrans in particular were excellent and that Jacob Murphy will play in the Prem one day."

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If we play like that every week most of those comments will win true. That''s the level we need, and not another repeat of the Birmingham!

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