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Pinkun goldfish/groundhogs

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As title implies:

1. PRESEASON FRIENDLIES - won/lost a few: success/failure certain next season - no, friendly results meaningless - yes but performances matter

2. TRANSFER DISAPPOINTMENT - missed out on X, lost Y, got Z: sack board/ need new owners/ Norwich unattractive to players - no, transfer price not known - wage policy restricts us which is good/bad

3. EARLY RESULTS (LEAGUE) - won/lost a few: success/failure certain this season - no, too early to tell

4. CUP POLICY - played 2nd string / out of cup: will we ever take cup runs seriously - no, not worth risk to league look at xFC - yes but yFC manage it

5. GROUND EXPANSION - when will it happen - no. not worth it cost is X, won''t fill it

6. SAFE STANDING - when will it happen - not legal, plus remember 80s - no, modern proposals different

7. NEW OWNERS - lost a few games: sack board and/or get new investors in - no, interest doesn''t exist, avoid mad/greedy owners like xFC/yFC

Feel free to suggest others. Only criterion is at least annual repetition in almost identical threads, with any combination of new and old posters

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[quote user="Katie Borkins"]"(PLAYER A) could be our (PLAYER B): followed by accusations of bullying when nobody agrees[/quote]

On the wind up again, I see bor.  A simplistic and cynical view. I  suppose I should ignore it, but what the heck.  I put up with years of abuse and general ridicule and people disagreeing with me, never once crying "bully".   It was only when one or two people took it on themselves to lead the abuse in such an obsessive way, to the point it became almost impossible to write anything - good or bad - without the carp, abuse and misleading rubbish being dished out, that the line was crossed. Bullying is not superficial like you are making it out to be, it is a mechanism used by people who feel they haven''t got control and desperately want to have it.  If you try and face down a bully, he will attack all the more - which is of course what happened on here for so long. Bullies who are faced down generally are not getting their own way try harder and harder in their attempts to undermine their target even more.  I took a break from the board to get away from it completely and I understand fully now what was going on. I also understand that by fighting back I was being dragged down to their level. Using the "bully" word in a flippant way is not clever or funny. Too many people suffer from real bullying - there are cases where online bullying has led to people taking their own lives. Think on. I didn''t use the bully card lightly. Neither should you.


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"pomposity by the bucketload"

"the usual suspects are out tonight"

I''ll accept the latter as it''s definitely a recurring thread topic but the former is just a recurring poster trait.

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