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nutty nigel

For Anyone Interested In Joining Rays Funds Threads.

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The Pink Un Message Board''s

Rays Funds Thread: -

These threads were set up by my good friend Ray Ducker (Arrdee) to

raise money for the Norwich City Academy. There’s a new thread every week

where Pink Un Pickers (PUPs) from all over the world unite to try and get

a winning line of six correct results from the weekends football

fixtures. As from August 2013 we have been raising money for the Community

Sports Foundation. Us PUPs all decided that whilst the academy has so

much investment our funds didn’t make a difference in the way they had in

the past. The football club supported us through the change and support

us the same now as when the funds went to the academy.



How It Works : -

Every Wednesday during the season I start the new weeks thread.

The ''Pink Un Pickers'' (PUPs) then pick their best selection for the weekend’s

football fixtures that are listed on William Hill or Bet365. On the

Friday evening the nominated picker from our PUPs rota selects 6 results

from the weeks picks. I then place the bet and post the bet and the odds

on here by the Saturday morning. The PUPs rota is made up of the previous

season’s top 40 in our PUPs League. The league is determined by order of

correct picks.

This used to be sponsored but it''s now financed by the

PUPs themselves. There is no requirement to pay to play but

obviously we need £400 per season. These donations are made to me

personally or via paypal. 

For the past four seasons an anonymous benefactor funded a match

bet where PUPs choose how to spend £10 betting on the weekend’s Norwich

game. Again suggestions are made on the thread from which the week’s

nominated picker can make a choice or go with their own.



How much have we raised? : -

We have also raised money from pledges competitions and other

donations thanks to the wonderful posters on the Pink Un message board.

And up to 03/10/16 we have raised £2038 for the academy and £3994 for the

CSF making £6032 in total. There have been plenty of near misses too and

the ''Pink Un Pickers'' have had a lot of fun trying. The money raised for

the CSF has been used to support the Norwich Downes Syndrome Team and us

PUPs have built up a great relationship with these wonderful boys and




Want To Take Part? : -

Just register with the Pink Un Message Board and post your very

best selections on the thread which is up every Wednesday during the

season. Or email me on canaryeddie@aol.com if you''d

like a bit more information. We also have a group on Facebook called

“Rays Funds for CSF”.











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You''re more than welcome Sonyc. If your not sure of anything just ask. If you''re happy to I''d love it if you would make the Norwich match selections in November.

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I''d be honoured Nutty, thanks.

Think it''s time to get a bit more involved ....Only been on this forum (nearly every day😳) for 12 years and not even 1000 posts!

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Thank you Sonyc. I''ll put you down to make the Norwich picks for the QPR game in November. I will be in our anonymous benefactor''s good books. :)

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