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Minimal threat ... other teams.

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Having passed that ten games watershed the table seems to be taking shape for the season.

In response to the main threat thread it is interesting to note that there is quite a lot to concern us about the current dog end of the table.

Rotherham were by all accounts a very poor outfit and look signed in to a relegation battle. Blackburn were that from the opening game it would seem.

Then it gets interesting and a quick click on to TWTD will explain all.

A total inability to score goals (Leon Best? I ask you?) means that 1p5swich are sliding quite rapidly down the table whilst three of their rivals down there, Cardiff, Derby and Villa have all made managerial changes that should herald improvement.

That leaves just Wigan and Port Vale separating the binmen from the bottom two and both those have some goal-scoring spark at least.

If, as I would hope, the top of the table becomes a boring progression for the men in yellow then the bottom of it could well prove to be more interesting.

Agent McCarthy you have my support.

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