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The young canary


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Main disappointment for me last night was ANs ability to when to make a substitution

We were getting hammered in midfield he responded by taking off Wes and putting on Naismith

The obvious shout was Louis Thompson to shore up the midfield and it was that decision that cost us the 3 points

And why does he always wait until the 60th minute to make a substitution.

One thing you could say about Paul Lambert he always knew when to make a substitution and it was nearly always the right call

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in recent games we have tried bringing on an extra defender (Bennett v Newcastle) and extra def midfielder (Thompson) and both fresh legs (naismith for wes) and going two up top (Nelson for brady) - all with slightly varying but always unconvincing results when it comes to securing the 3 points.

But i agree in principle we should be looking to make earlier subs - however Wes on 60 mins was about as early as AN ever gets and we probably the right time

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