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Oso Butch

Worthington has got to go - NOW!

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Worthington has no alterative but to resign after tonight''s pathetic performance.

If not, he must be FIRED.  It''s no good him saying that (as he almost undoubtedly will) that we were all over them in the first half and should have been 2-0 up rather than 4-0 down at HT, and that, in the second half, we were all over them (again) and played really well and that''s why we pulled 2 goals back.... and what a pity we couldn''tplay like that in the first half..... Excuses, excuses.  

We''ve heard it all before, Worthy.  The fact is that you cannot get the team to play with passion and commitment for 90 minutes.  This was all too obvious last Saturday against Millwall. No good complaining about penalties being ''placed'' rather than ''ripping the net''.  It''s your bl**dy job to sort this out before they go on the pitch, for God''s sake..

Frankly, you''ve run out of ideas, tactically and strategically, and it''s time for someone else to be given a chance.  So, it''s on your bike, mate.  

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