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Mr Manager and his words of wisdom

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"I think the lads let their heads drop after the second goal. Up to half-time it was hard work and Luton took full advantage.

"The second half we played very well and showed character, but we have to learn to start taking our chances.

"We had five or six chances and could have been two up before they scored."


Oh that''s ok then Nigel, there was us all thinking that we were unable to play together for more than 15 minutes and hadn''t yet beaten a team this season that are actaully any good.


Another fine result to chalk up on the mediocre league table with a manager who is adept at taking a team of skilful and gifted players and allowing/making(you can decide) them play like an average sunday league side (no offence sunday players) 

Nigel some questions

  1. How much longer will we be searching for character?
  2. When will we start playing well in the first half?
  3. When will we start taking our chances?
  4. Why weren''t we 2 up before they scored?
  5. Why are you under no pressure when your record so far this season (don''t start me on last season) is abismal?
  6. Can I play on Saturday?, I can work hard, play anywhere and don''t really mind losing as I will try hard

He must go now - like him or not this is getting worse. Please allow us to be rescued from this football nightmare


At least we are not binners

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