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The thing about tonight

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was that it was so predictable.

That we would throw away a winning position, even to ten men, and that we''d flunk the penalties.

I was half expecting it every time Leeds attacked.

McVeigh was panned for his correct prediction that we would throw away that lead at Fulham, yet he called it correctly.

Perhaps people don''t like the truth.

It''s consistent. It''s expected.

What''s going on? I''ve never known the likes of this before in all my years of supporting.

It''s not a myth, it''s a reality.

Every bl--dy time!

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You''ve got to wonder about how this plays into the oppositions mentality too. Say we go in leading 2-0 at half time against Brighton, they are going to feel like they''ve still got a really good chance of getting back into this.

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