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Where do we go from here.....??

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Having listened to the reports from Luton and the previous games earlier this season and taking into account NW''s past form surely it is time to part company and allow him to take his backroom staff with him? Some may say no way...??Well here are just a few of my reasons why......

I feel that NW has taken the club as far as he can and that his accomplices have not even added to that effort.Some of you will now say well who is there....well we need to be tough and make that decision that we need to have a change at the club and when we do there will be enough people around for that position.Don''t worry there are enough good candidates to fill the position.

How many players have come and gone due to a lack of motivation and work ethics when maybe it is that they feel that they have not progressed as players,where is the coaching that other teams teach and do we ever score goals from set pieces...??Having seen NW got after Jarrett during the summer does he really have a good idea about him as a player and a person....then only to leave him on the bench.....not too mention the other players that we signed prior to the Premiership!! Would NW have brought in all those players with his own money...after all he has had a sizeable kitty to spend compared to other managers at the club and most have not been positive outcomes.

So what do we do all week in preparation for a game.....well judging by the clips from Sky Sports it seems play handball....it is about time we got back to the things that we have been lacking recently...passion and hunger along with a game plan that does not involve mediocrity.I for one, would prefer to see us change tactics alot sooner than the last 5 minutes of a game when things are clearly not working,than what we do right now.Check out Jose M.....

It was once said that "Winning is not important,but its the wanting to win that is" .Well these qualities need to come back and as you start winning that breeds confidence which has an upward effect.With all due respect some players need to be reminded of what it means to wear a club''s badge rather than to collect their wages for some dreadful half hearted performance,really we should be head and shoulders above most teams in this division but we need leadership who will come out and say that we won''t accept certain standards and performances rather than talk about effort and honesty.

Well I know this will not be agreeable to everyone....oh well...but I want what is best for the club...after all its business not personal.

Lastly, I said about 3 years ago that NW had taken us as far as he could...and I wish im well when he goes. 

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