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Why didn't Alex know?

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I am a big fan of Alex Neil, but the query I have is why didn''t he know that some of the players he was picking didn''t care if we won or lost? He works with them all week - if he can''t pick up on those not interested he has no man management skills.

Didn''t Russ have any idea who the bad apples were before the game?

I expect todays quitters to be training alone this week, irrespective of salary or seniority. If not, Alex may as well quit. It''s them or him.

Playing McGovern is an absolute joke, and unless Big John is one of the rotten apples he had better be playing next week.

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sadly it''s not sunday leagues so "not caring" at Sunday league level is a few pints out down prince of Wales whereby at professional level it is far more subtle. most players will turn up at least 95% ready but because it''s such a tight game, a team 100% ready playing a slightly better team 95% ready will smash them every time.

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