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The Vicious circle... and Rome burns while the chairman dances

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12 month cycles... that tends to be how it works round here.

We get a manager in, he has a decent 12 months, then it slips and the fans bay for blood... the club act, we get a new man in, he has a decent 12 months, then it slips and the fans bay for blood... we get a new man in,

I think you see the pattern emerging here.

Some of you aint going to like this, but Klose apart we are a mid table championship side... you can argue against it as much as you like but we were sliding into one under Hughton (who had a decent first 12 months), would have been one under Adams (who did well for about 4 months), before A N came in and had that 12 month spell.

We got promoted Via the playoffs, beating an over acheiving Ipswich after we hit form at the right time.... the final was crest of a wave stuff against a boro side who''d steam rollered Brentford, a side lucky to have done what they did.

We aren''t set up for Premiership football. Look through our squad, would Jerome get in a head of a Dwight Gale, Nakhi Wells or Glenn Murray.... 3 strikers who could all be gracing the biggest scale next season..

Hoolahan, love the guy, but the magic is fading. He is anonymous more often than he contributes, The contract should have been terminated a long time ago...

Bassong, Bennett, Turner, Martin.... who''s side would they walk into?

Dorrans spent most of last season with splinters up his jacksie from the bench... yet starts weekly. Thompson played most of his football in the lower leagues. Canos, the man tipped to be the star is nowhere to be seen.

Jarvis is a Norwich player apparently.... how many remember?

The board plod on, jobs for the boys and heads in the sand... been that way since 1996...

So... do we break the cycle and give A N a chance to build long term.... or do we keep up with the circle and kid ourselves we''re better than we actually are?

Our chairman makes a fool of himself in the name of light entertainment... he''s the main man... so why''s he foxtrotting on a Saturday night instead of reading the riot act?

Ultimately, who ever comes in if A N is sackec is going to have the same group.... the ones not good enough, they''ve proved it time and time again... i''ve said it before but at what stage do you stop blaming the manager and start blaming the players...

We invest in relegated players, premier league reserve team substitutes and take chances on lower league fringe players...

Invest in failure and thats what you''ll get.

If we finish in the top 6 it will be because of good fortune.

We''ll be here a few years yet...

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So we''re mid table because that''s our level, yet if we finish top 6 it''s the opposite and it''s good fortune.... Right....

Agree some players need to go, but CH destroyed a team that was in its 3rd year of Prem football. That should have been the year we established ourselves in the league. We aren''t a mid table champ team, we are a yoyo team as the evidence shows.

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We''ve held on to too many players for far too long.

Quite right we should have established ourselves after year 3 in the prem, but the signings do not improve the squad.... just add to it.

If we want the quality that the likes of Stoke or Swansea have managed to attract then we have to state the obvious "score 12 goals and keep us up and we''ll sell you to the first big club that comes in" and suddenly we wont be getting w@nked on by Brighton in the Championship .

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