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Rudolph Hucker

It isn't just Alex Neil.

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Alex Neil is not THE problem with Norwich City he is just a PART of the problem. In other words our problems are widespread and simply replacing Neil will have a short term benefit at best.

There are the unanswered questions, the elephants in the room as to why Bowkett and McNally left and why nepotism appeared in the election of Delia''s nephew to the Board.

Add to that the low profile of Moxey and you wonder who is pulling the strings at the top and how different is the culture at Board level?

Last season we almost stayed up. Everyone knew we needed new CB''s at the start of the season but for the sake of a nail the war was lost and now we are told we made a 9 million profit while Delia paid herself back her loans. We are debt free apparently when in reality we are missing out on tens of millions of pounds.

Now, I''ve only been self employed once but profit was something to be kept to a minimum because you paid tax on it and so you re-invested. I don''t know if that 9 million is pre or post tax but I do believe it would have bought a centre back at the start of the season.

We clearly have the second best squad in this division but year after year teams with lesser squads get promoted because they are greater than the sum of their parts and squads of superior players falter or go down further. As with all sport football is a mental game based upon the team ethic and fans know we are being undersold.

That seems odd given the position of the club in the table but everyone has seen the team getting away with it on a regular basis by it''s constant inability to hold a lead. We have gained points whilst exhibiting the same worrying tendencies. As with last season''s CB issue the signs are there for all to see and when your aim is automatic promotion you just know that cannot be achieved if you let in too many goals and can''t kill off games.

For me, Norwich are irresistible going forwards but susceptible to the long ball and the full backs are too exposed by playing high up the pitch without discretion.

Hughton was the opposite and everyone wonders why something in between can''t be achieved.

Based upon what he had and the Board support he received I personally think Neil did as best as could be expected in the EPL. But we are now seeing his side looking one dimensional and worked out. Like all managers before him under pressure he is sticking to what he knows and showing a fear based inability to change. For me, his worst trait is his inability to effect a game in play with his substitutions. If he loses this gig he will be unlikely ever to manage at this level again, certainly never at a side with our potential. He has everything to lose.

I think he has little alternative but to start with a 4-4-2 and keep it tight at the back. He needs marginal gains which should start with a clean sheet and less goals conceded overall. Surely, he has the forward talent to cope without so many attacking midfielders and full backs?

I have always said 0 - 0 is a good score for Norwich at half-time but that relies too an a manager who can effect the key changes in the second half. Can AN do that? He can set a side out but what beyond that? He needs to prove he can do so or else he will never be good enough and will need to go along with his support team.

I like Ed balls in SCD but his Nero like activity while the City burns is becoming too much of a metaphor for Boardroom complacency.

I don''t buy Russ Martin''s outburst. You can do that instead of being asked questions so it was an easy way out in my book although it did show splits in team spirit which are worrying.

So, the big question for me is whether simply replacing Neil will be enough and the answer has to be a resounding ''No!'' It needs much more than that.

Our Lambert success was based on three abrasive characters at the key levels in himself, McNally and Holt. In the end those inherent tensions broke the spell and that is a shame because Norwich City are such a passive club they always benefit from a maverick and we can all list them through the years. We have no maverick now; no one to make the likes of Bowkett complain of their impatience - as he did of Lambert whilst being driven to get players in early rather than late or never.

Delia is like the woman who stands around chatting in the gym instead of having a personal trainer on her case and getting her to help herself. I fear we have reverted to type and once again become a hobby rather than a business.

Turning on Neil or the players is, therefore, only likely to make things worse. I am aware of the discontent of Norwich supporters which has been a growing feature in recent seasons. The fact is, we do have players here who care and it would benefit us all to get behind them rather than get on their backs. If we see a response against Leeds then we should support it wholeheartedly and get the season back on track.

Meanwhile, we need to be asking more questions of the executives. It isn''t just Alex Neil.

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[quote user="Nuff Said"]Tl;dr version anyone?[/quote]

I had to Google ''TL;dr'', just in case there are more ignorant people like me out there it means ''too long, didn''t read''.

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The problem is that we have a woman in charge. Only McNally would win arguments with her. The others kept schtum.

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Guess ( as often is the usual) that I am the exception here Si far then.... I think that RH makes very valid points. There is a shocking lack of communication from virtually anyone. Now that could mean that knives are being sharpened or simply a case of the ostrich syndrome. We work best when we are at one and the Strictly Come Dancing reference is an apt one .... It''s a fantastic metaphor for the current situation.

Yet, 4th we are and maybe its not come to finalities yet. You do hope someone from the club will sat something soon like McNally would have done.... Perhaps that they are 100% behind the manager!

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My thoughts on it are that we have a squad seriously lacking in character and leaders - like a lot of modern day players.

When we''re doing well this is no problem but as soon as things start to get difficult we have no one to kick backsides and organise us.

We are where we were two years ago. Good players but a lack of focus. And under Chris Hughton. It''s like a group of children who have to be told exactly what to do and lose interest as soon as things get too tough. Alex Neil changed things up from Neil Adams and the players regained their focus and we went up.

I have done suspicions some players do not want to be at the club. I also question how hungry some are in this division again and almost see this league as below them. If so, they need to be phased out and players with desire brought in.

Alex Neil is far from blameless, some of his tactics and team selections leave a lot to be desired, but we''ve had this issues with most of these players before. He seems to have lost his way of getting the best out of these players, and maybe he hasn''t got the experience or nous to do so. If this is the case, then he''ll have to be replaced. A new manager might provide a short term boost/fix but we might end up right back here down the line.

Our recruitment needs to focus on getting some experience and leaders in. Hunger is needed.

These are just my thoughts, and our problems aren''t going to be a quick fix

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