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eldrich canary

Crippled by injuries again!

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I can''t believe this, last year we got hit hard by injuries - Helveg, Francis, Holt, Bentley + quite a few more and so we had a bad run of games - then when those guys got fit we start to win matches again.

Who is injured at the moment:
Safri - main playmaker
Marney - set piece chap
Drury - a great left back
Hughes - not 100%
Jarret - coming back from injury not 100%
Mckenzie - was a headless chicket at the start of season
Thorn - proven goal scorer at this grade
Shackell - poor start of season but has the quality

I mean for crying out loud, bash Worthy all you like for not having picked up enough players over the summer but its also simple maths:
Good players are often more expense - we can have team that is expensive relative to other team but injuries then hit us hard or we can have cheaper and loads of player but then won''t have any chance of promotion.

Automatic promotion is blown for this year, when the above guys get better we can push for a play off position. We are not going to get relegated unless we lose Ashton for a long period of injury.

Yes Worthy is tatically poor this year, but he has also pulled off a couple of big masterstrokes - getting Davenport in was a big plus, having the guts to drop Flem/Shax for the Ipswich game and put Hux on the bench shows he at least has the guys. If Hux and Ashton had burried their penalties we would be standing alot prettier than we would now. Even McVeigh has been given a pretty fair crack at the whip.


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