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ABC (A Basingstoke Canary)

Only one team won away

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Away wins are very hard to get in the Championship and most teams winning 10 away games usually get promoted.

Last year 552 away games were played with only with only 152 away wins. The only 2 teams to achieve 10 or more away wins were Burnley with 11 and Boro with 10.

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We''ll likely do well away from home as there will be less bus parking.

AN''s one to think out is how to overcome defensive minded teams at Carrow Road.

I expect us to pick up a lot of points on the road but am prepared for some disappointment from home games.

Gosh, one decent striker and we are looking very good. Young Murphy''s arrival was a major positive whilst our two new boys and Madisson were hardly needed.

If AN keeps a cool head, stops trying to be over-tactical with tinkering then we could do not only do very well this season but also have the basics for a decent PL team.

We DESPERATELY need that one (+one more) striker to cement things.

It is the only obvious need (even if we lose Brady for mega bucks) as all other areas seem well stocked.

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