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After the shameful performance of last night, I wonder just where this club of ours is heading?

True, going by the league table, we are four points off the playoff places, but in reality we are further away than ever.  I was not convinced by our wins at Brighton or Ipswich, given their resources, and Ipswich being down to 10 men.  Neither was I impressed with our home performances against Crewe, Coventry etc. So that is only my opinion, but despite injuries we are massively underachieving and the consequences of such will really hit home come January.

Take Green- isn''t he going to  want to depart for pastures new given staying here can only make him a worse player, his confidence must be completely shot after last night.  Similarily, Dean Ashton. He looked completely lost last night - had no service, and ended up all over the shop persumably looking for the ball himself!  Hughes was trying to muster the troops but it was all over really.  Yes we scored two goals, but why oh why can''t we start from the kick off, not minute 46?

We have injuries, yes, but even then players are swapped around and not played in the best place to help the rest of the team. To his credit, Jarvis came on in difficult circumstances and played well, linking up with Deano.  Hucks was all over the place and largely ineffective. What has happened to him? 

It now has to be time for Munby and Co to work out what the absolute bottom line is - just how bad does it have to get before they act. Is this result purely due to injuries, bad luck?   Or, is it just another in a long line of ineptitude, bad tactics, players out of position, lack of planning in the close season?  More than this?

I would love to be able to say we won''t play as badly as that again.  I hope we don''t, but I still think we cannot progress under the current climate with the same management personnel.  Does the board stick with them for the rest of the season and hope we aren''t quite bad enough to go down, or just write this season off and start again next year?  If  they do either, what message does this send to the players - I can''t bear to see my team in this state, I really can''t, yes, they are paid good money, but things are rotten at the core and we are just now beginning to see what relegation has done to them. 

Munby and Co, you must act now and do the best for our club.  Before it is too late, our best youngsters have gone and we are left with another long rebuilding mountain to climb.

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