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Oh for a new Snoddy

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Just seen masterclass in wing play from our much maligned former winger Bobby Snodgrass for Hull C.

If we are to overcome the defensive resilience showed today by Wednesday particularly first half we are going to need effective width. Apart from a few forays by the full backs little came from the flanks. Even if they had Jerome looked ineffective.

Hopefully Canos is the answer but yet to see him this season supposedly very promising. Maybe a fitness issue rather than we have signed the latest dud. Murphy failed to impress possibly Jacob the better option.

Need to find a solution otherwise it is not going to be too entertaining our productive at Carrow Rd.

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[quote user="Fuzzar"]Oh, for a new pete...[/quote]He took a break from the forum, after our win last week, to recharge his batteries. It didn''t work though.

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