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Who are really good pals?

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I''ve seen numerous tweets and other such things on Social media. And I love to see cohesion and friendship between our boys.
I reckon Klose and Pinto are close pals.
Who else?

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Bassong and Mulumbu are obviously good friends seeing as they always seem to celebrate together. I remember when Seb scored against Liverpool and he ran away pointing at Mulumbu before hugging him.

I know Johnson and Redmond were good friends while they were here. You would hope at least, given how long they''ve been here that Ruddy, Martin, Whittaker, Tettey, Howson, Jerome and Hoolahan like each other.

Brady and Hoolahan as well obviously

We''ve lost a mix of quiet sulkers like Hooper, RVW, Grabban and a few characters like Johnson, Redmond and Bennett but all of their replacements so far seem really, really likeable as people..Pinto, Canos, Klose, Naismith etc

Hopefully we''ll maintain a good team spirit all year. Lafferty is known to be a nuisance but he doesn''t start arguments and cause rifts so hopefully that one black sheep shouldn''t be a problem

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